About us

We are a company that continues the 40 years of tradition of Mielcarz Herb Holding. We’ve been constantly expanding its scope of activity.

We dry and prepare for sale only parsley to do it best. We have 4 industrial belt dryers that allow to dry 70 tons of raw material per day. The modern technology  allows us to receive a standardized product after 3 hours of drying.

We obtain the raw material from our own plantations and purchased from certified suppliers. They are obliged to apply a regulation of plant protection products in accordance not only with EU standards but also with the specifications of our customers. Despite the lack of European standards, we guarantee our customers a level of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) below 400 µg / kg.

Over 30 years of experience


Natural product

4 generations of tradition

We have a full infrastructure that allows you to process many different herbal and spice products


We invite you to familiarize yourself with photos and videos of our company and plantations.

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