We have 4 belt dryers and 12 floor dryers.

This allows us to dry various assortments of herbs and vegetables at the same time. The variety of drying equipment allows the drying of oil plants like mint, lemon balm, sage, chamomile, thyme, marjoram at temperatures up to 40 degrees to maintain their highest parameters.

We dry pharmaceutical artichoke using a special technology developed by us, which allows to obtain without losses of high levels of CCS (the active ingredient of liver drugs).

But we can also get a temperature of 135 degrees on the dryer for the initial sterilization of dried vegetables. It’s much better than expensive steam sterilization.


Acting to protect the climate and improve efficiency, we have already equipped some dryers with an energy recovery system, reducing the need for fossil fuels by 30 percent.

We specialize in drying herb plants but we also have a device for preparing and drying root plants.

We are able to prepare dried products in accordance with the supplier’s requirements. The dryers work round-the-clock and therefore the raw material must also be collected and delivered in this mode. The best form of the delivery is truck transport with semi-trailers that can deliver 10-20 tonnes of raw material at a time. Our clients are farmers from Greater Poland and neighbouring provinces.

We invite new suppliers to cooperate. The autumn and winter periods are best to discuss the terms of cooperation. This offer is also directed to vegetable groups with large quantities of raw material that should be managed in a short time. Drying allows them to collect and offer their recipients their raw materials quicker and at a better price.

Often, dried raw products are easier manageable while the sales of fresh raw products fall. We guarantee good contact, competitive prices and high quality of service.

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