Sorting services

We offer manual detailing services for sorting dried food products in the “0” quality class for impurities for the most demanding customers. Products such as:

  • Flowers (cornflower, rose, marigold, holyhock, hibiscus, arnica, safflower, sunflower, wild flowers, chamomile)
  • Mushrooms (mushrooms, porcini mushrooms)
  • Dried fruits (strawberry, barberry, apples, plums, pepper)
  • Herb (mint, lemon balm)

Our goal is to improve the quality of the product so that it is ready for consumption. The biggest problem with natural products is that they may have “impurities”. The ones we most often separate are: human hair, fur, feathers, droppings, insects as well as their parts, straw, moss, wood and inorganic glass, pins, drawing pins, stones, foil, newspapers, fag-ends, coal, clay, soil, filings. We have specialized personnel to do that. The conditions in which sorting takes place meet all hygiene conditions. Our company has its own warehouse, we can also organize transport. We would appreciate to establish cooperation.

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